It all started with a text, like most good stories do. I was sitting at my kitchen table when my phone lit up. It was a message from Mat Kearney inviting me to be part of a music video that was set to film the following week. I said something like yes please thank you can't wait. 

Fast forward. It's 20 hours before call time, and I'm unloading a few 5x5 foot canvas from a truck I had borrowed to prep for the shoot.  (For size reference, I'm 5'4" on a good day. They were large.)  I was on edge, because unless I am filming a timelapse, I'm not often in front of the camera.  When I AM filming a timelapse, it's at home; I'm the only one in the room, so I have zero concerns about my "performance".  Will I feel comfortable painting with cameras hovering around me?  Will I be able to complete the painting in the allotted time?  Will I be acting? WHAT WILL I WEAR? It's true. I was worried. But thanks to the incredible team (shoutout to Justin Clough for being a rockstar director), I felt welcomed, encouraged and comfortable. It was an experience I won't soon forget. 

Julia Fenner_LeggyBird Photos-14.jpg

 "You feel like second nature, can read it in your eyes. I don't need it down on paper, I got you memorized"

60 years in September. That's how long my grandparents have been married.  I couldn't help but paint what I know. They are the truest human example of love and commitment in my life. And to be honest, I've held them on a pedestal. I totally idolized their relationship. I thought they were perfect, but I recently learned something that totally shattered my idea of them in the best way. They still fight. Wut! It might seem silly, but you have to understand, I had NEVER seen them fight or exchange a single foul word. (Granted, it's possible I missed out on a few considering they communicate to one another in Spanish.) And I was so encouraged by this reality. They are human. I know that a perfect marriage and the perfect mate are both absolutely unattainable, but their love, grace and tireless commitment to one another has given them 60 years, 4 children, 11 grandchildren and a great grandchild. Two flawed, imperfect, loving, HARDworking, hilarious and brilliant immigrants from Mexico built that little kingdom. Now I'm crying. 

I'm so thankful for all the support I've received on the video thus far! Couldn't have been happier with how it all came together. Below are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot. For your viewing pleasure! Big thanks to Julia Fenner ( for capturing the day. 

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Julia Fenner_LeggyBird Photos-20.jpg
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Sydney Clawson