Q: "What keeps you driven for art & helps you continue to love doing it day in and day out?"

A: "staying driven/inspired is something I have to work toward daily. I don't always LOVE drawing, because often projects are so specific that they feel like "work" rather than a creative flow. It's a balance between creating what I want vs. what others are asking of me." 

I was on a flight to Texas last week when I answered that question on my story. I find this is a common misconception about me, and maybe even artists in general; the idea that I am a constant flow of creative energy; a natural spring of ideas and inspirations that must be released lest I burst into a million pieces. (drama, but you get the point) 

The reality is this: I'm on daily quest for inspiration and ways to motivate myself. Often, what works one day doesn't work the next. There are many days when nothing seems to work. But one thing I've learned is the importance of nurturing each of my passions. Traveling, cooking, gardening, exploring art and architecture; I am equally as hungry for these as I am my own art.

So I flew to Texas, hiked through sand dunes with an easel in tow, painted a painting I'm not proud of, earned a sunburn, took extra time in galleries, drank a margarita, ate the most delicious ceviche I've ever had and finally felt a stirring inside. (hint: it wasn't the marg.)

Sometimes that feeling requires a chase.

Sydney Clawson